About School


We are those haling from a sub urban area known as Balapitiya which is a very famous town within the Galle District. Most of those living there are really intelligent, heroes and powerful. It is also a known fact that, those who lived in Balapitiya in the stash had taken part in many heroes activities. During the ancient days when the towns were created and named in the Island the most famous creator lived at the time happened to be a famous person by the name Devapathiraja. A well known minister of one of our Sinhala kings by named Kalikala Panditha Parakramabahu II. This fact in given even in our famous national history book Mhavansha under the chapter 86 starting that this area was famous for the river running through by the name Weliganga which in now known as Madu Ganga as in the case of most o f the towns that came up then were centered by various rivers running by them. There was a vast extent of paddy land, stretching over a vast area covering over there sand odd area with well grown green paddy cultivation, periodically in this area around Madu Ganga. Giving lead to a well established paddy culture. This led to the formation of a number of villages, sub towns and towns in the locality with human settlement. There were number of Island formed in the Madu Ganga among branches. History says that earlier the number of Islands was 64 and now it has got reduced to about 20 some of which are getting reduced even at the moment.

Whatever it may be it is a fact these areas were very attractive and pleasant places from the very ancient times and they are so even as present. It is evident by the so beautiful and descriptive manner through which these places were described in our very famous literature books such as Mayura, Gira, Kokila, Thisara and Parevi Sndesa books.

Heenatiya is a village named as such because of the kind of rice by the named “Heenati Hal” which has been produced in plenty in this area. This is a village situated just by the Madu Ganga as such people living there were engaged agriculture, cattle, rearing, business, fishing, textile industry, coir industry ect… during the very earlier days.

As things passed by the water in the Madu Ganga gradually became brackish and unsuitable for agricultural activities. There by the paddy cultivation in the whole area disappeared disastrously. How ever the people concerned changed their main cultivation to other crops with the intension of forming a sub sufficient economic system.

Sri Sumedha Dhamma School in Heenatiya was started on 21st August 1960 that was under leadership of venerable Pinnaduwe Sddatissa the high priest of Sri Ariyakulathilakaramaya. The school was named as “Sumedha” the intension of commemorating his teacher venerable Heenatiya Sri Sumedha, High Priest. There were 75 students at the commencement of this dhamma school. This Sri Sumedha Dhamma School existed for several decades going through very bright period as well as dark ones. This was functioning for a short period in this G/Rahula Junior School premises, Heenatiya. But in 1998 it was re-established again Sri Ariyakulathilakaramaya Temple, Heenatiya though there was a small number of students at the

beginning oh this dhamma school, there are about 600 students receiving the religious education, improving their religious knowledge, pious and virtuous qualities and conduct so as to from virtuous society in the area. This Dhamma School has taken part in several competitions conducted by the department of Buddhist Activities in Sri Lanka and was able to win the first place over all other and won such competitions.

Heenatiya Sri Sumedha Dhamma School is presently holding a very superior and prominence place among the other dhamma schools numbering 44. Those who guided it to such a prominence position were its head teacher who rose to their position from time to time. There were so many who worked as head teachers. They are follows in order.

1. Ven. Pinnaduwe Saddhatissa Thero

2. Ven. Ambalangoda Sumanawansa Thero

3. Mr. H.W. Dhanasiri

4. Mr. W.A. Dayani Vineelseeli

5. Mr. D.M.G. Nandana

6. Mr. W.A. Nihal Chandrasiri

In above teachers were holding the post of the head teacher periodically until 1998. Now is the golden era of the Sri Sumedha Dhamma School and it is mainly due to the very valuable service of this head teacher. Venerable Siri Ariyawanshavansa Athipujya Pollamure Gnanakusalatissa Maha Thero.

Heenatiya Sri Sumedha Dhamma School has so far served this area with its virtuous national service for several decades and was able to pave the way for the creation of a patriotic virtuous and well-behaved young generation. The present staff is an exemplary one which endeavors to give over a very persevering and grateful set of youngsters to this country. In being encouraged by those activities the students together with their parents are even grateful to these teachers. They are also giving their fullest support direct to the development activities of the government.