Proposed New Dhamma school Building

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Dear Sir, Madam,

Heenatiya Sri Sumeda Dhamma School, in its 60 years’ long history, has rendered a great service to the southern province of Sri Lanka. About two decades ago, its administration was handed over to us at the ardent request of the parents of this area at a time when it was not functioning well. The people living along the coastal belt of the island are generally considered rough, harsh and much more aggressive in terms of their actions and thoughts. A few decades ago, this area was a paradise however for various unscrupulous malpractices such as killings, rapes and child abuse, particularly because the people, most of whom were engaged in fishing, are not educated with a low literacy level. Our Dhamma School has successfully faced this challenge and has found solutions to this problem. Over the last twenty years, we have directed the children community to formal education, while inculcating good qualities among them, and found them opportunities to showcase their talents, through which they have developed their abilities that lead them into being socialized as good and productive citizens. It is education that the people are now concerned about, which is not only an achievement of individuals; it is also the success of a nation. , unemployment is low in this area and almost everyone does something for a living and remarkably, our area has produced lots of graduates, professionals and government officials. Today we are carrying out this national responsibility more successfully than before, yet we do not have a permanent building for the Dhamma School. We have so far used the Dharmashala (hall in which Dhamma is preached) for the Dhamma School, which is inadequate to accommodate the 600 hundred students currently studying and the new comers entering the school every year. In order to fulfill the need of the school, the foundation stone was laid to a new building in November 2012. Though the foundation is now finished, the rest of the building is no longer under construction due to lack of funding. it is with donations from the people of the area, who are low and middle income families, that we were able to complete the foundation. The estimated amount for this building is Rs 1, 51, 51705.00 which is 84,177.00 Euros. We will not be able to complete this meritorious task unless we receive funding from generous people and organizations. Your support will help us give the children the light of wisdom. We would be grateful to you, your organization or any charity if you could kindly help us to build our School, and future generations of students will benefit from it. May your good affairs come true...!

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Ceylon Saamadhi International (pvt) ltd

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Sampath Bank PLC - Sri Lanka.

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5072 3009 0065

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Main Road, Ambalangoda, Sri Lanka.