Principle Notice


Sri Sumedha Dhamma School of Heenatiya is servicing the entire Sri Lankan society for a period of about half a century by assisting the formation of a well settled powerful and firm society. Since its commencement in 1960 the path if followed is really praise worthy. The concept of “Weway Dagebay” that prevailed in the past has been brought back to the month of ”Bak” and hundreds of Buddhist children were given the opportunity of becoming the numbers of an exemplary well manned future society and the Aurora of that coming society are being kindling in their hearts by now.

The main supporting force for this present development is the members of the present teaching staff who are of very rare virtuous qualities and also extremely kind hearted. They are reading determined to give over their knowledge to these young sons and daughters and the service. They render is beyond description.

They also well maintain the teacher-student relationship and give out the required knowledge to this young ones. Our young students are the carrier force of all our victories. Similarly the Dhamma School Development Committee and loving parents are also doing their best throughout for the welfare of Sri Sumedha Dhamma School.

There were many a victories we have achieved within a short period including especially provincial Balamandalya and All Island victories. We are carefully managing to make use of this small space for limitless activities. Although we use this very small preaching hall of about 60 feet for our educational activities on rainy days, there is also a library functioning there in with very valuable collection of books.

Adhering to the concept of Unity in Power, we are doing our best to make this. “Punya Bhoomi” Sri Lanka enriches with human qualities, especially inclusive of unity among our society and carries forward our “Vision and Mission”.

May you all be very happy and healthy.

The principle

Ven. Dangala Kusalagnana thissa thero
BA Hons, MA, Phd. DPE (USA) DEE (UK) Psychological counselor & Psychotherasist, Lecturer,
Sri Ariyakulathilakaramaya,
Bodhushakthi Viharaya,
Sri Lanka.